Tchambalakate Comércio e Serviços Soc.Unip., Lda. was founded in April 2017 by Sabine Lydia Müller, a German marketing consultant for sustainable companies that came to live in Mozambique in 2016.

Sabine Lydia Müller Tchambalakate Lda.
Sabine Lydia Müller,
director of Tchambalakate Lda.

The purpose of the company is:
a) Planning, organization and execution of projects, presentations, events and concerts in Europe and Africa to promote cultural exchange;
b) Services in the field of sustainable tourism, a form of travel, which has three main concerns:
– to not damage the nature of the visited country,
– to live close to nature, intensively and originally,
– to adapt to the culture of the visited country as much as possible;
c) Trade, import and export, purchase and sale of goods and services especially sustainable products and products whose value is added in Africa;
d) Marketing services, public relations, consulting and social media benefiting sustainable clients in all industry sectors