Beach and Maputo Bay

Tchambalakte Eco Lodge is located 230 meters from the neigborhood beach. It’s basically used for fishing and the local kids play there. Depending on the tide and weather, endless beach walks can be taken there. The sea also invites you to swim and even small guests can splash in the water (under supervision!), because the coast slopes very gently and slowly for many meters.

From the beach you have a spectacular view of the skyscrapers of the big city of Maputo. The distance of only 6 km between the city and the Katembe district has been connected by a large suspension bridge since November 2018.

Thanks to the proximity to the ocean, there is often a mild breeze and the breeze can also be stormy. So pack your hoodie!

The bay region offers many water activities such as diving in Machangulo or Santa Maria, boat trips or day trips to the island of Inhaca. Since the region is fortunately not heavily used by tourists so far, all excursions are individually planned and thus an exclusive adventure.