Matutuíne District and Elephant Parc

We are located in Catembe-Nsime in the Matutuíne District that is boardering the city of Maputo and expands down south up to Punta d’Oro and the South African border.

As the Katembe Bridge was inaugurated only in 2018, the area lay dormant for a long time. Whoever wanted to go to Punta D’Oro in the past had to drive over four hours on the old road, a very bumpy mogul road, and be prepared to get stuck in the sand several times, despite the obligatory four-wheel drive. This has now changed a lot thanks to the bridge and the subsequent new road and so now short trips to various pristine dream beaches and the small tourist town of Punta d’oro are possible.

The Maputo Special Reserve is also located in Matutuíne and it’s one of earth’s 36 biologically richest and most endangered ecoregions. Flanked by the Indian Ocean and Maputo Bay, this conservation area of more than 1 500 km² protects about 250 elephants as well as giraffes, zebras, impalas, hippos and crocodiles plus countless birds species in the setting of an picturesque and impressive African fauna.

The Peace Parks Foundationhas been supporting the development of Maputo Special Reserve since 2002. The link leas you to more information about the reserve:

Since the region is fortunately not heavily used by tourists so far, all excursions are individually planned and thus an exclusive adventure.