Nursery / Seedlings

In the nursery tree seeds are grown under ideal conditions. Semi shade, good soil, daily watering and much love and care – that’s the recipe for healthy seedlings.
Tchambalakate grows indiginous trees as well as other adapted and non invasive fruit and nut trees.

Sabine Lydia Müller – director of Tchambalakate – in her nursery in Machanfane with tree seedlings (lemon, orange, jambalao, cashew, mango, kapok, moringa, neem, avocado, tangerine, mafura, baobab, and more)

Tomatoes, beetroots, salads and various other more sensitive plants are also propagated in the nursery. If possible the seeds get sowed into the soil at the plantation immediatly though. For example papaya, leucena and moringa can grow well without nursing them.