“I am a passionate networker who believes in positive change being able to happen if people get inspired to rethink, modify and evolve their behavior. My personal journey led from TV and entertainment via communications to my current destination: striving to co-design an environmentally and socially more equal world, actively and purposefully, operating from the heart of the African continent.

Sabine Lydia Müller Tchambalakate Lda.
Sabine Lydia Müller,
director of Tchambalakate Lda.

In 2006 I started my communication agency SYMBIOSE EINS* in Cologne in Germany meeting the need of a growing organic industry. The company specializes in marketing, PR and social media consulting for sustainable products and services. I have represented numerous companies since then and stimulated and encouraged them to achieve greater visibility and stance as well as an improved consistency in the communication of their product portfolio and CSR plan.

From 2016 on I mostly lived in Mozambique in Southern Africa. There I founded Tchambalakate Lda. On my company’s property in the bay of Maputo I have cultivated the land according to the principles of regenerative agriculture since 2019. The plot is being transformed to a self-sufficient site that showcases the advantages of farming in harmony with and by following the example of Mother Nature.

The project “Tchambalakate Culture & Agriculture” is currently in preparation to attract local and foreign eco conscious guests, when traveling restrictions are eased. Topics such as environmental protection and conservation, biodiversity, permaculture, composting, humanure, natural building, DIY, recycling, zero waste, sharing economy, are actively exemplified and researched there. Visitors can contribute to the project by donating money or labor, participating, developing and endorsing the concept.

In August 2021 I have started to work as a freelance auditor for sustainable agriculture representing ECOCERT South Africa – an international certification body – in Mozambique.

I am the director of ONE LOVE CAPITAL Lda. that we founded in 2020 in Maputo in order to facilitate local sustainable start-ups and promote eco-friendly and social entrepreneurship in Mozambique. Together with my business partner Allan Schwarz – owner of renowned Mezimbite Forest Centre in Beira – our team now implements a first pilot project for income generation through agroforestry in the fringe zone of Beira, Mozambique. This project was elaborated in cooperation with the Working Group for Rainforest and Species Conservation (ARA) e.V. and is financed by the ​​Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development in Germany (BMZ).”