Syntropic Agriculture

“Syntropic Agriculture is constituted by a theoretical and practical setting in which the natural processes are translated into farming interventions in their form, function, and dynamics. Thus we can talk about regeneration by use, since the establishment of highly productive agricultural areas, which tend to be independent of inputs and irrigation, results in the provision of ecosystem services, with special emphasis on soil formation, regulation of microclimate and the favoring of water cycles. That way, agriculture is synced with the regeneration of ecosystems.”
© Ernst Götsch /

List of Sabine Lydia Müller’s trainings:

Seminar on sustainability and regenerative practices / with Taísa Mattos, Felipe Bannitz, Jorge Nava, Helena Maltez, Lena Ferreira / pedagogical complex of University Eudardo Mondlane, Maputo, Mozambique.

Syntropic Agriculture Course / with Helena Maltez from Mutirão Agroflorestal, Brazil /
Ecoparque Kosmoz, Namaacha, Mozambique.

Workshop Ernst Götsch / Verein für Regenerative Landwirtschaft /  
Schlossgut Alt Madlitz, Briesen (Mark) OT Alt Madlitz, Brandenburg, Germany.