Mozambique’s capital has a vibrant music scene. From traditional instruments and dances to Marrabenta and various crossover styles, to the popular worldwide sounds of reggae or rock, it’s all there. Although not everyone has the wherewithal to attend concerts, there are some small and fine venues that give local artists a stage. The musicians association “Associação dos músicos moçambicanos”, the French cultural center CCFM “Centro Cultural Franco-Moçambicano” or the Brazil-Mozambique Cultural Center regularly host great concerts.

Tchambalakate has various references in the field of music:

Banda Kakana
Social Media Consultancy & Brand Marketing (since 2013)
Production manager at video shooting for “Mutchado”, directed by Mirko Polo

Viva con Agua Festival
for Helvetas Moçambique / Viva con Agua Switzerland
Setting up of all volunteer activities, social media channels and organizational structure
Preparing and planning of artist activities (e.g. Swiss-Moz team get together, jam session, recording, video shooting)
Developing, planning and implementing the VcA festival for World Water Day (in 2017 and 2019)

Ras Haitrm
Artist Management (2015-2019) & Executive Producer of Reggae Album “Go and Tell the World” recorded in Jamaica (2016) available at:
YouTube Music
Apple Music